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Metaphysical meaning of Sirah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Sirah (mbd)
Sirah, si-rah (Heb.)--going off; turning aside; departure; retreat; defection; apostasy; transgression; turning away; cessation; avoidance.

A well, or cistern, near Hebron (II Sam. 3:26).

Meta. A turning aside, departure, from the real and the true--apostasy.

Joab called Abner back to Hebron from Sirah, and slew him at Hebron. Hebron signifies the front brain, the seat of conscious thought. Abner signifies the intellect, illumined in degree. He was Saul's commander-in-chief. He served and defended the selfish, egotistical, personal will (Saul) against the rightful ruler, love (David). After Saul was slain Abner stood by Saul's son, Ishbosheth, against David, until Ishbosheth reproached him for an unlawful act that he had done. Then he turned to David and made peace with him. This all shows how the outer reasoning faculty in man, the intellect, even when partially illumined, is still selfish, is of the personal.

Joab, the captain of the hosts of David, who represents the executive power of love, the pivotal center within man, which preserves the unity and integrity of soul and body, remembered the slaying of Asahel his brother by Abner, and killed Abner because of this act. Asahel signifies the activity of the word in man's consciousness, which the intellect (Abner) had caused to cease expressing for the time being. The intellect therefore must be overthrown; that is, its dominant place in consciousness must be taken away from it, that the true inspiration of the word may guide the thoughts of the individual. True guidance and understanding come through inspiration of Spirit, and not by means of the intellect; the intellect must take a subordinate place. It is necessary as a servant, but it must not be in command.

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