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Metaphysical meaning of Puteoli (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Puteoli (mbd)
Puteoli, pu-te'-o-li (Lat.)--wells; mineral springs; stinking wells; sulphur springs; putrid water.

A seaport town on the north shore of the Bay of Naples. It was there that Paul left the boat when on a journey to Rome; he found "brethren" at this place and stayed with them seven days (Acts 28:13).

Meta. A thought center in consciousness, close to universal Mind, pertaining to one's receiving into consciousness a continuous flow of vitality, of life (wells and springs denote the welling up of life into consciousness). This conscious flow of vitality and energy that Puteoli signifies, however, is adulterated by the intellectual belief that strength and vital force are material, that they belong to the outer man entirely and should be exercised in selfish, personal dominion and in oppression of all that does not pertain specifically to the building up and strengthening of the outer, personal man. This vital flow therefore becomes distasteful (stinking wells, putrid water) to the finer, perceptive qualities of the individual. With "brethren" at this place however (spiritual and Truth thoughts), and Paul, the word of Truth, staying there seven days, a cleansing and uplifting are sure to take place. Italy, as referred to in the Bible, signifies an outer consciousness of or a belief in strength, especially strength of the head (the intellect and will).

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