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Metaphysical meaning of Rome (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Rome (mbd)
Rome, rome (Lat.)--lifted up; exalted; the head; height; strength; might; power.

The capital of the Roman Empire; the ruling center of the Cæsars, the Roman emperors (Acts 18:2).

Meta. Rome represents the head, in contrast to Jerusalem, which represents the heart. The head is the seat of the dominating personal will, and also of the intellect in man; to the outer man these are the seat of all strength and power. Rome really refers more to the head as the seat of the will than it does to the intellect, though the latter may enter into consideration of the will's activities.

Paul was imprisoned in Rome. Paul represents the divine word; Rome is the center from which the will rules. When the will, guided by sense intellect and the personal idea of ruling power, imprisons the word, binds it in the realm of personal understanding and dictatorship, the activity of Spirit seems inhibited.

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