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Metaphysical meaning of Put (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Put (mbd)
Put (in A.V., Genesis 10:6, Phut), put (Heb.)--state of being stifled, suffocation; asphyxiation; affliction, sorrow; sadness; breathing out of the spirit; despised.

a Son of Ham (Gen. 10:6). b A people descended from Put, son of Ham (Ezek. 27:10). The Lubim or Libyans of Africa are thought to have been descendants of Put (see Nah. 3:9).

Meta. The darkened, troublous, sorrowful, and very material dying state of mind and body that results from a lack of spiritual inspiration, of the inbreathing and understanding of Spirit (suffocation, affliction, sorrow, breathing out of the spirit, despised).

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