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Metaphysical meaning of Pi-beseth (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Pi-beseth (mbd)
Pi-beseth, pi-be'-seth (Heb. fr. Egypt.)--Pe-Ubastet; Bubastis; house of Ubastet; city of Bast or Past; place of the cat goddess Bast; place of fertility; place of vitality; place of Diana.

A city of Egypt against which Ezekiel prophesied (Ezek. 30:17).

Meta. The worship of the vital force of life activity, increase, and continuity by the Egyptian, or darkened, sensate, carnal consciousness in the spiritually unawakened man.

The name Pi-beseth was derived from the Egyptian goddess Past or Bast, who was represented in the image of a woman with a cat's head and was dedicated to fertility and pleasure. The Greeks identified it with their Artemis. Artemis is another name for the goddess Diana of the Ephesians. This, with the meaning of the name, place of the cat goddess Bast, place of fertility, place of vitality, place of Diana, refers to life and fruitfulness, but on a carnal plane. Diana was the goddess of vitality. (See DIANA.) A cat has been said to have nine lives, and we understand cats to signify tenacity of life. We are told too that Pi-beseth was the Bubastis of the Greeks, noted for its temple of Bast, goddess of fire. Fire, under the carnal thought, refers to life activity directed by carnal lusts and desires; these burn up the very cells of the body, to the degree that they are allowed to rule the individual. Under the spiritual thought, fire suggests the activity of the spiritual or Christ life in consciousness, which purifies and refines the whole being.

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