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Metaphysical meaning of Pilate (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Pilate (mbd)
Pilate, pi'-late (Lat.)--armed with a pilum; armed with a javelin; spear-armed; wearing the pileus; wearing the felt cap, i. e., emblem of liberty.

The Roman governor of Judea in the time of Jesus Christ's ministry and crucifixion (Matt. 27:2).

Meta. The ruling principle of the sense plane, the carnal will.

Pilate questioned the I AM, Jesus (John 18:33), "Art thou the King of the Jews ?" Applying this to the individual man, one would say to oneself, "Is there a ruling will over my religious nature?" The personal will has no concept of the factors of that inner higher realm, and believes that it is the ruler of the whole man. It is jealous of any attempt to usurp its power, but when it is assured that the kingdom that the higher self would rule is "not of this world," it finds in that self no fault."

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