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Metaphysical meaning of Artemis (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Artemis (mbd)
Artemis, är'-te-mis (Gk.)--Diana; huntress; goddess of night.

Artemis is another name for the goddess Diana of the Ephesians (Acts 19:24, margin). Fallows says: "The Diana of the Romans is a goddess known under various modifications, and with almost incompatible attributes. As the tutelary divinity of Ephesus, in which character alone she concerns us here, she was undoubtedly a representative of the same power presiding over conception and birth that was adored in Palestine under the name of Ashtoreth. She is therefore related to all the cognate deities of that Asiatic Juno-Venus, and partakes, at least, of their connection with the moon . . . The Arabic version of the Acts renders Artemis, in the chapter cited, by Az Zuharat, which is the Arabic name for the planet Venus."


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