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Metaphysical meaning of Laban (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Laban (mbd)
Laban, la'-ban (Heb.)--white; clean; pure; gentle; clear; transparent; shining; glorious; noble.

Son of Bethuel and grandson of Nahor. He was also the brother of Rebekah, Isaac's wife, and father of Rachel and Leah, Jacob's wives (Gen. 24:24,29; 29:13); Laban's home was in Haran (see Gen. 29:4, 5).

Meta. Laban means white, pure, clear, shining, gentle, noble; Haran means exalted, mountain. This clearly indicates that the attention shall be located in exalted states of mind and united with spiritual intelligence and nonresistance. Jacob grew rapidly in understanding and in possessions in the land of Laban, and his choice of location was a good one for the man developing to full stature in Christ Jesus.

In Genesis 28:2 we find Isaac charging Jacob to take a wife from the daughters of Laban. This points the way to a unification with the love principle in its higher aspects. Exalted ideas, divine aspirations, and pure motives are here designated as necessary to the union with the soul that the I AM (Jacob) is about to make.

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