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Metaphysical meaning of Nahor (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Nahor (mbd)
Nahor (in A.V., Joshua 24:2 and Luke 3:34, Nachor), na'-hôr (Heb.)--snorting; snoring; angry; passionate; eager; irascible; piercing; slaying.

a Father of Terah, and grandfather of Abraham (Gen. 11:22-25). b A son of Terah, and grandson of the former Nahor (Gen. 11:26).

Meta. Nahor, grandfather of Abraham, signifies a piercing and breaking up (slaying) of the sense consciousness of the individual hitherto unpenetrated by Truth (this activity may be more subconscious than conscious), that a new line of thought action, even that of faith (Abraham), may be brought forth. Much commotion and inner excitement often accompany this inner first breaking up of lesser ideals, because so much effort of the outer, limited, personal, emotional self enters into it (snorting, snoring, eager, passionate, irascible).

Abraham's brother Nahor represents an arousing of a higher desire in man, through the activity of Abraham--faith

or accompanying the faith activity that Abraham signifies. This higher desire pierces the darkness of materiality and aids in bringing about a new line of thought in consciousness. (See CHESED, son of Nahor.)

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