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Metaphysical meaning of Laadah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Laadah (mbd)
Laadah, la'-a-dah (Heb.)--set to time; set in order; harmonious; adorned; to testify; to assemble; festive.

Son of Shelah, who was a son of Judah. Laadah was the "father," or founder, of Mareshah (I Chron. 4:21).

Meta. A condition of harmony and order in the consciousness when one is ready to recognize the divine inner presence, and the answer to one's prayer. One's realizations and demonstrations come about in order, since order is heaven's first law and everything of Spirit is done according to the working of divine law. An inner rhythm, or harmony, a poise and peace (set to time, set in order, harmonious), must be attained in order to realize one's good. This inner state of mind and body is reached by the steps that one takes in going into the silence, by true prayer. Shelah, the father of Laadah, means petition, prayer, that which unites man with God and opens man's consciousness to receive the good that is his inheritance. Mareshah, the "son," or city, of Laadah, means head, highest, summit, from the beginning, first principle, most precious, and bespeaks Spirit, first principle, source of all that really is, of the good that is man's from the beginning and is now being made manifest. Laadah bespeaks the inner consciousness of man as receiving the realization from Spirit, testifying to the Truth, and rejoicing in his good (to assemble, to testify, festive).

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