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Metaphysical meaning of Rebekah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Rebekah (mbd)
Rebekah, re-bek'-ah (Heb.)--tying firmly; fastening; binding; noosed cord; captivating; snare; beauty that ensnares, grace that enraptures.

Daughter of Bethuel, wife of Isaac, and mother of Jacob and Esau (Gen. 24:1567). The name is spelled Rebecca in Romans 9:10.

Meta. The soul's natural delight in beauty. This essence of the soul is continually going forth and making attachments with the harmonious and beautiful (interpretation of Gen. 24:59).

Genesis 24:60: Through the inherent love of the harmonious, thousands are blessed and many hearts of "hate" are directed into other channels of expression.

Genesis 24:61: Faith in God and obedience to the urge of Spirit brings into expression a serene peace and joy.

Genesis 24:62: Isaac, meaning laughter, dwelt in the land of the South (subconsciousness). Spiritual living fills one with an inner satisfaction that radiates as a joyous expression of life and love.

Genesis 24:63: In the joy of spiritual realization the thoughts are lifted up in exaltation and praise.

Genesis 24:64: The devout, joyous soul readily makes union with the natural, harmonious expression of Spirit.

Genesis 24:65: The joyous soul is screened from contact with inharmonies, when established in spiritual faith and poise: "and she took her veil and covered herself."

Genesis 24:66, 67: Here is portrayed the union of the joyous soul and the divine, natural beauty. The happy Isaac consciousness claims its counterpart in Rebekah, whose name signifies fastening, noosed cord, captivating, beauty that ensnares; that is, a young woman whose beauty ensnares men. Faith and obedience bring joy, and spiritual joy links man with the beauty of nature.

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