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Metaphysical meaning of Rachel (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Rachel (mbd)
Rachel (in A.V., Jeremiah 31:15, Rahel), ra'-chel (Heb.)--migrating; journeying in droves; ewe; sheep; lamb.

The younger daughter of Laban, and one of Jacob's two wives (Gen. 29:28). She was the mother of Joseph and Benjamin (Gen. 30:24; 35:18).

Meta. The feminine, receptive, or soul phase of the pure natural life in the organism of man (ewe, lamb). This phase of life that Rachel signifies is as yet in a transitory state (migrating). It is fruitful only on the higher, spiritual plane of ideas. (Rachel was for a time barren; her two sons, Joseph and Benjamin, were the result of prayer, and they represent the faculties of imagination and active faith. They, especially Joseph, were accepted above their brothers, the other sons of Jacob who were the offspring of Leah--the human soul--and the two handmaids. Jacob loved Joseph and Benjamin more dearly than his other sons.)

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