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Metaphysical meaning of Diblaim (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Diblaim (mbd)
Diblaim, d;b'-la-lm (Heb.)--double cakes; twin cakes; two fig cakes; cakes.

A parent (whether mother or father is not known) of Hosea's wife (Hos. 1:3). The wife of Hosea was a prostitute; she was taken by Hosea at the command of Jehovah, to signify the adultery of the Jewish nation in departing from Jehovah.

Meta. Double-mindedness--trying to serve and love both God and Mammon, or worldliness--is the great adultery, or "whoredom" of professed followers of God. Diblaim (double cakes, twin cakes, two fig cakes) signifies this double-minded thought in regard to substance and life. It is the belief that certain phases of life and substance are spiritual, and that other phases of these qualities are material. Man must become established in the truth of the one substance and one life, in order to become pure in mind and body and to serve God wholly and perfectly--to have the single eye, or an eye single to God and Truth.

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