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Metaphysical meaning of mammon (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of mammon (mbd)
mammon, mam'-mon (Gk. fr. Heb.)--treasure; wealth; riches; prop; stay; support. The latter are derived from the sense of that which is of temporary or outer help only. The idea of treasure comes from that which is stored underground, hidden away, hoarded; that which is not placed in circulation, but is restricted in its use.

Mammon refers to outer riches and also to anything of the outer, formative world that one's affections desire to gather to him and to hoard, or treasure. Jesus used this word in Luke 16:9, 11, 13, and Matthew 6:24.

Meta. The material or worldly thought and belief regarding riches; money, possessions, and wealth, compared with the true inner riches of the mind--the understanding and the realization of the spiritual substance, life, and intelligence that lie back of every outer manifestation.

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