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Metaphysical meaning of Diblah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Diblah (mbd)
Diblah (A.V., Diblath), d;b'-lah (Heb.)--pressed together; a round mass; squeezed into a cake; fig cake.

In prophesying of the Israelites Ezekiel says that because of their idolatry their land will be made more desolate than "the wilderness toward Diblah" (Ezek. 6:14, with marginal note). It is thought that Riblah is the correct name for this place that Ezekiel calls Diblah.

Meta. Compressed, belittled, confused ideas of substance and Truth (pressed together, squeezed into a cake) because of a selfish holding to possessions, to the manifest, and an ignoring of the source of all life and of the omnipresent, abundant supply for both the inner and the outer phases of man.

There is no desolation (wilderness) more pronounced than that which is in close contrast with richness and fertility (toward Diblah or Riblah, Riblah meaning fertility). Even so, in consciousness, when one has consciously contacted spiritual substance and life throughout his being and then falls away from this inner reality because of allowing himself to become absorbed in the outer demonstrations that he has made, he comes into a place where he experiences great emptiness, barrenness, and confusion of thought. This i8 the metaphysical import of Ezekiel 6:14.

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