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Metaphysical meaning of Dibon (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Dibon (mbd)
Dibon, dl'-bon (Heb.)--pining; wasting away; consumed; languished; river course, i.e., channel eroded by water.

a A city of Moab that was taken and destroyed by the Israelites. It was in the territory that was allotted to Gad, and was rebuilt by that tribe (Num. 32:3, 34). b A town of Judah (Neh. 11:25).

Meta. A wasting away, or dissolution, of the carnal current of thought regarding life (river course suggests the life current in man, or a current of thought about life, and Moab stands for the carnal consciousness), that an understanding of ruth may take its place. Thus the life current in the organism is raised to a higher level, and is directed aright that the true, spiritual man may he built up.

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