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Metaphysical meaning of Beth-rehob (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Beth-rehob (mbd)
Beth-rehob, beth-re'-hob (Heb.)--house of the open space; house of the forum; place of the market; house of the street; broad house; roomy place.

A small kingdom, or province, of Syria (II Sam. 10:6). The children of Ammon hired men from this place to fight against David.

Meta. A state of consciousness, of an intellectual nature, that is too "broad" in a material-minded way to accept spiritual Truth (broad house, roomy place, house of the open space, house of the forum, place of the market, house of the street; Syria refers to the intellect that is unillumined spiritually). The wisdom of Spirit is foolishness to the natural man; and there are many people today who are so full of worldly wisdom that they have no room for Truth. They take great pride in thinking that they are so "broad-minded" that they could never narrow themselves to the acceptance of any particular religious ideal or doctrine. But we know that such is not the true broadness of vision, the truly charitable attitude of heart and soul, that characterize the spiritually illumined consciousness. It is an enemy to the real Christ or love (David) state of mind in man, and when it joins itself to the sense side of man (the Ammonites) it engages in active warfare against the real good of the individual.

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