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Metaphysical meaning of Bethsaida (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Bethsaida (mbd)
Bethsaida, beth-sa'-;-då (Gk. from Heb.)--house of fishing; place of hunting; place of nets; fishing town; hunting town.

A fishing town on or near the Sea of Galilee (Mark 6:45; John 1:44). Probably there were two villages of this name, one on the east side of the Jordan where it enters the Sea of Galilee, and the other on the west side. Some think that it was one city built on both sides of the river. That part of the city to the west of Jordan was the birthplace of Philip, Andrew, and Peter; it was near Bethsaida on the eastern side that Jesus fed the five thousand. This city was not far from Capernaum and Chorazin.

Meta. A consciousness of increase of ideas, of gathering substance; a state of thought that is continually searching after new ideas, and endeavors to gain knowledge, by every possible means (house of fishing, place of hunting; place of nets; fishing town; hunting town).

In Mark 8:22 Bethsaida signifies spiritual mindedness. The blind man represents a darkened mind. When we are exalted in consciousness, darkness disappears.

In Matthew 11:21 Bethsaida and Chorazin represent the state of mind that has a limited amount of Truth and believes that portion to be the full measure. This is the self-righteous phase of consciousness. The openly wanton and wicked cities of Tyre and Sidon stand a better chance in the day of judgment; that is, those who are wholly wrong will offer no excuse when their sins or shortcomings bring them before the law of adjustment; they will admit their errors and repent. But those who have a limited amount of Truth, which they hover over and declare to be the whole of Truth, are in danger of mental and spiritual crystallization.

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