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Metaphysical meaning of Ammonites (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Ammonites (mbd)
Ammonites, am'-mon-ites.
Descendants of Ben-ammi, son of Lot, and enemies of the Israelites (Deut. 2:3:3; I Sam. 11:11; I Kings 11:5).

Meta. Popular opinion; also the wild, uncultivated states of consciousness that thoughts of sensuality, sin, and ignorance have formed in the outer world. Careless, disorderly thinking weakens the positive, upbuilding power of the mind and opens the way for invasions of error thoughts. Thoughts of similar character congregate and form states of consciousness, just as people who think along similar lines congregate and form organizations. When the central thought is of the power of good, a constructive center in consciousness is formed; when the prevailing thought is evil, a destructive center is formed. There is a constant push and pull between these two states of consciousness, each one striving for supremacy, and the result is weakness in mind and body.

In II Chron. 26:8 the Ammonites refer to the generative region. "The Ammonites gave tribute to IJzziah." Uzziah symbolizes strength. (See UZZIAH.) The strength center in the body, which is at the small of the back, is connected directly with the physical forces, and when this center is dominant it draws upon all the region below the diaphragm.

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