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Metaphysical meaning of Ashima (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Ashima (mbd)
Ashima, ash'-;-må (Heb.)--heaven; offense, transgression. Ashima is doubtful in its etymology. It may be the Hebrew form of the Persian asuman, heaven; or it may be a Hebrew development of the two latter named definitions.

An idol worshiped by the people of Hamath whom Shalmaneser, king of Assyria, caused to settle in Samaria after he had carried the Israelites away captive (II Kings 17:30). This idol was in the form of a goat.

Meta. Hamath signifies confidence in material conditions rather than trust in God. This, with the meanings of Ashima, signifies that though the sense mind may promise much peace and harmony (heaven), yet resistance and strife (goat) are always the result of looking to the outer for guidance, understanding, protection, and salvation. Thoughts of the sense mind are an offense to Spirit because they lead man away from Truth.

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