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Metaphysical meaning of goat (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of goat (mbd)

Meta. The goat symbolizes resistance and opposition. It is a phase of personality. We resist Spirit on one hand, and we resist our fellows on the other. These two instances of resistance symbolize the two goats of Leviticus 16:5-22. They are both to be denied. Resistance to the Lord is to be killed out entirely and resistance to our fellows is to be sent into the wilderness--denied a place in consciousness.

This also illustrates the difference between sins toward God and sins toward man. There must be a complete and full union of the Father and child; every thought of obstruction and resistance must be done away with. It is very important that we make complete at-one-ment with the Father.

Resistance toward evil is not to be wholly destroyed, but consciousness of the nothingness of the thoughts of evil is to be dumped into the wilderness of sense. This is the scapegoat that carries away all the iniquities of the Children of Israel and loses them in the outer void.

Our relations to our fellow men are so complex that we are excused in a measure if we fall short in observing the law of nonresistance in its entirety. Yet in superconsciousness we can rise with Jesus Christ and "resist not him that is evil"; we must do it before we can become like Him and see Him even a He is (I John 3:2).

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