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Metaphysical meaning of idol (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of idol (mbd)

Meta. A material form representing an idea. It is not idolatry to make idols and worship with them, if the heart understands their significance; but if the understanding is without love, mere intellectual perception, then man "knoweth not yet as he ought to know."

Those who have the love of God quickened in their heart are not disturbed by idols. It makes no difference to them how many representatives there are of God, because their inmost being, the very heart of their existence, is centered in the consciousness of the One.

The fact is that every form and shape in existence is representative of God.

The Jews thought Jesus a sinner because He healed the sick on the Sabbath day. They made an idol of the day; He said the day was for the convenience of man, and He went into the field and plucked grain regardless of the "bad example" of His acts.

The true disciple of Christ does not pay so much attention to the influence that his acts will have upon others as he does to the leading of Spirit. When we are always thinking and looking to the effect of our life on those with whom we associate we soon merge our individuality into theirs, and we lose sight of our identity with God.

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