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Metaphysical meaning of Hebrew (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Hebrew (mbd)
Hebrew, he'-brew (fr. Heb.)--belonging to Eber.

a The descendants of Abraham (Gen. 14:13; Jer. 34:9). b The language of the Hebrew people (John 19:20). Concerning the derivation of this name, Fallows tells us that some ascribe the origin of the word to Eber (Gen. 10:21). Eber is used as a national name in Numbers 24: 24. "Others trace the name to the Hebrew aw-bar," says Fallows, meaning "to pass over, so that a Hebrew would mean the 'man from the region beyond,' and supposed to have been applied to Abraham, as having crossed the Euphrates to the westward. This last derivation is generally admitted. It seems to imply nothing more than that Abraham was an immigrant into Canaan--not a native."

Meta. See EBER and HEBER for ideas as to the symbology of Hebrew. The Hebrews surely represent the thoughts in man that have come up out of the purely material and passed over to a higher concept of God and of His laws, into a closer and clearer relationship with God. These thoughts are, however, still under law, the law of sin and death; for true freedom, spiritual understanding and realization, life and peace, come only by the still higher way--which is the Christ method, the way taught and demonstrated by Jesus Christ.

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