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Metaphysical meaning of Ashhur (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Ashhur (mbd)
Ashhur (A. V., Ashur), ash'-hur (Heb.)--blackness; black; aurora; the dawn; morning; break forth; become free; a freeman; successful.

A Judahite, and the father or founder of Tekoa (I Chron. 2: 24; 4: 5) .

Meta. Tekoa means confirming, settling, securing, fixing (of tents), and represents the establishing, in the individual, of a more firm and abiding idea regarding his body. This is accomplished by Ashhur, founder of Tekoa, who typifies recognition that the entire man, spirit, soul, and body, is free, of spiritual origin, and not bound by the limitations of matter (freeman) .

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