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Metaphysical meaning of Samaria (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Samaria (mbd)
Samaria, sa-ma'-ri-å (Lat. fr. Heb.) --watcher; guard; watch post; watch height; watch mountain.

a A city in Palestine, built on b a mountain of the same name. It was the capitol of the kingdom of Israel, after the Israelites were divided into two kingdoms (I Kings 16:24). c The whole country of the kingdom of Israel, of which the city of Samaria was the metropolis. The king of Assyria carried the Israelites away captive from Samaria, and settled it with heathen tribes (II Kings 17:24). These heathen tribes were taught something of the Israelitish worship of God by a priest of Israel (II Kings 17:27-29), but they continued to worship their own gods, along with their worship of God. It was in this mixed state of understanding that the Samaritans existed in Jesus' day (John 4:4).

Meta. Intellectual perception, the department of the objective consciousness that functions through the head (watcher, watch mountain). It signifies also a mixed state of consciousness.

Luke 9:51-53 signifies that when a great spiritual work is to be accomplished the mind is centered on the goal of attainment and progress is not to be hindered by the minor mind powers. Thus it is that the I AM is established in the city of peace within the soul (Jerusalem).

The buying of the hill of Samaria (I Kings 16:24) means the exaltation of personality.

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