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Metaphysical meaning of Ashkelon (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Ashkelon (mbd)
Ashkelon, ash'-ke-lon (Heb.)--migration; sojourn; stranger; weight; fire of infamy.

A Philistine city, and a center of worship of the goddess Ashtoreth (Judg. 1:18; Zeph. 2:4).

Meta. The changeableness and uncertainty of man's sense beliefs and activities; also their foreignness to spiritual understanding (migration, sojourn, stranger; the Philistines refer to sense thoughts in man).

Sense thoughts and beliefs lead to sensuality, which becomes a heavy burden (weight) to the whole consciousness until it is overcome and is replaced by praise to God (tribe of Judah) and abundant increase of true substance and good. Man's every misuse of vital energy sets the currents of life into inharmonious action and starts a fire that burns out the nerve centers and consumes the substance of the organism (fire of infamy).

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