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Metaphysical meaning of Amon (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Amon (mbd)
Amon, a'-mon (Heb.)--master workman; workman; builder.

This word in its primitive purity referred to the universal Mother, and designated the basic wisdom of God, the architect of the universe. Pliny renders this word as "artifex omnium natura," the universal artificer, creator, of nature. From these developed the ideas of master craftsman, an architect, a builder, a mason. The Egyptians knew and understood this truth, but their priestcraft allowed it to degenerate into idolatry and nature worship. Amon of No, the Egyptian god, signifies the unmanifest, the uncreated, the mysterious. a An Egyptian god (Jer. 46:25). b An idolatrous king of Judah (II Kings 21:18-26). c A governor of the city of Samaria at the time that Ahab was king of Israel (I Kings 22:26). d There were others by this name.

Meta. Egypt is the realm of substance and life in body consciousness. To the unregenerate soul it is the land of mystery and darkness, yet it is essential to the continuation of the body. When the individual looks upon his body as material and believes that the substance and the life that sustain it are material, a fleshly inheritance, instead of recognizing their true source in Spirit, that individual is worshipping the Egyptian god Amon.

When the will (king) is guided by material belief concerning the body, the will does not become a true builder of the body temple in spiritual substance and life, but decides according to the outer letter, or shadow of the real, a decision that leads to death. The will is a master builder when established in Truth, but not otherwise.

Amon, governor of Samaria, signifies a ruling thought of the intellect. This ruling intellectual thought is also a workman necessary to body building. But in order to do its proper work in building a perfect body, the intellect must be set free from confused mortal reasonings: The Samaritans must come into an understanding of the Christ Truth--the intellect must be illumined by Spirit, that it may base its reasonings on the real instead of the unreal.

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