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Metaphysical meaning of Amorites (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Amorites (mbd)
Amorites, am'-ôr-ltes (Heb.)--dwellers of the summits; mountaineers; highlanders.

One of the strongest and most eminent of the Canaanitish tribes, or nations (Gen. 14:7; Deut. 3:2; Josh. 10:6-12). The Amorites were descended from a son of Canaan, grandson of Noah (Gen. 10: 16).

Meta. A race inheritance; the Amorites' seat of action is the generative function. They can be overcome only by purification of the consciousness within and without--that is, in thought and deed--with the "flaming torch" of Spirit. (See Gen. 15:16-21.) Generation is very strongly rooted in man's consciousness, and has been elevated by man in personal thought to the very heights (highlanders, mountaineers, dwellers of the summits). But it must be put away, that one may be regenerated in mind and body.

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