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Metaphysical meaning of Ahimelech (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Ahimelech (mbd)
Ahimelech, a-hlm'-e-lech (Heb.)--brother of Melek, brother of the king i. e., the king's friend; my brother is king.

A high priest in the city of Nob, in the allotment of Benjamin; he gave David "holy bread" when David was fleeing from Saul (I Sam. 21:1-9). This act so enraged Saul that he caused Ahimelech and all the other priests of Nob to be killed, except one who escaped (I Sam. 22: 9-23) .

Meta. A high ideal of the intellectual consciousness that ministers to the religious thoughts of man (Israelites), especially to the thoughts pertaining to faith (Benjamin). Ahimelech is a brother and a friend of the true king, Spirit, which is the one source of all true intelligence and ruling power (brother of the king, the king's friend; the illumined intellect is closely related to Spirit, since it reflects the light or understanding of Spirit), yet because of his timidity and fearfulness, the result of believing in the inability of the flesh or outer consciousness to be lifted up and established in Truth (Doeg the Edomite), Ahimelech comes under the adverse dominion of the ignorant personal will (Saul) and is slain. The very fearfulness (Doeg) that is responsible for Ahimelech's coming under the adverse power of Saul (personal will) is appointed to slay him. The king's guards first were commanded to kill Ahimelech and the other priests who were with him, but the guards would not do it because they recognized the high, consecrated position of the priests. Doeg the Edomite, however, did not hesitate to kill them; he represents purely material belief, which cannot discern anything of a nature higher than itself.

Thus may our high aspirations be brought into a state of inactivity if we allow fear to possess our mind and if we are afraid of the consequences of giving our holy bread (spiritual substance) over to the sustaining of David (love) before Saul (personal will) has come under the abiding rule of Spirit. If we see the apparent weakness and inability of the flesh, instead of being always strong and bold in the consciousness of God in us as our overcoming power and our all-sufficiency in all things, our high, illumined thoughts (priests) will not be protected as they should be.

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