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Metaphysical meaning of Ahimoth (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Ahimoth (mbd)
Ahimoth, a-hl'-moth (Heb.)--brother is death; brother of death. Son of Elkanah, of the Israelitish tribe of Levi (I Chron. 6:25). Mahath of I Chronicles 6:35 and Ahimoth of Luke 3: 26 are thought by some authorities to be the same person.

Meta. That phase of life which pertains to the breaking up and passing away of the "old man," or mortal thoughts and states of consciousness (breaking in pieces, dissolution, are meanings of Mahath). Paul said, "I die daily." In order to keep on living, in order to attain eternal life, one must attain a right balance between the letting go of false ideas and of corresponding body cells and the laying hold of true, vital ones.

"Why, we all have to die sometime," commented one to whom the "life" subject was new. A Truth student answered: "Yes, every one has to die; but there are two ways to die: God's way and the Devil's way. The way of the Adversary is to let the body go to corruption in the grave, because of our holding to carnality. God's way is to deny the lesser self, as Jesus taught. In His way we 'die daily' to that which pertains to the carnal mind and to the limitations of the personal man. If we die in His way and by our thoughts daily lay hold of and appropriate the resurrection or Christ life, our whole being will be renewed, revitalized, and spiritualized, and we shall demonstrate eternal life. Thus we shall be saved alive and entire, and shall escape the grave."

So Ahimoth represents the phase of life that seems to the sense man to be closely akin to death--the dissolving of error states of consciousness and of thoughts that have served their purpose in us and will become detrimental to our progress if we retain them longer. They must be released, and the corresponding dead cells in our bodies must pass away in order that we may realize new ideas and new life and substance.

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