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Metaphysical meaning of Nob (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Nob (mbd)
Nob, nob (Heb.)--height; prominence; sublimity; sprouting; germinating; flourishing; discourse; prophecy.

A city of the priests, near Jerusalem. Saul caused this city, the priests, and all the people, children, flocks, and herds in it to be destroyed, because Ahimelech the high priest had befriended David (I Sam. 21:1; 22:9-19).

Meta. A group of high, spiritual thoughts in man (height, sublimity, a city of the priests) whereby he is consciously inspired by Spirit (prophecy, discourse). The individual who through personal will (Saul) fights against divine love (David) and refuses to recognize his higher spiritual thoughts and ideals because they sustain divine love (Saul caused the priests to be killed because they befriended David) cannot be directly inspired by Spirit, nor can he keep in conscious touch with the light that is of the one Mind, God.

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