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Credo of a Metaphysical Christian — Preface and Introduction

Where does Unity belong?

Hi Friends -

What I have to offer here is video of me speaking about where Unity belongs in the big picure of Christian history. The talk was given last week at Capitol City Unity in Sacramento and the content is from the Preface and Introduction of Credo of a Metaphysical Christian, coming out in 2023. In addition to the video is a PDF of the Preface and Introduction, which you can download and print out.

The Preface describes the “two frontiers” of Unity: ministering to those who have left mainstream Christianity and to those who remain Christian but who are looking for a better way. I stress that it was to the second frontier that Charles and Myrtle devoted their life work.

The Introduction describes our great ambiguity — the ambiguity that prevents 2.3 billion Christians from finding our ministries and understanding what our ministies are about, the ambiguity that discourages positive, progressive and practical Christians from coming to our services, the ambiguity that isolates us from mainstream Christianity and cuts us out of a rich, 2000 year tradition, and an ambiguity that gives rise to wild accusations about what we teach. That there is absolutely no consensus to the question What’s Unity? is the great challenge of our time as a spiritual movement.

In my talk to Capitol City Unity I bring out something that is not in the Credo — the importance of belonging. Abraham Maslow fashioned a “hierarchy of needs” which begins with safety and ends with self-actualization. Many in Unity teach that we are a spiritual movement which leads to self-actualization, for each of us individually and for we as a human race. What we have forgot is that the path from safety to self-actualization passes through the need of belonging. No one becomes self-actualized until they know to whom they belong.

I believe we in Unity have forgotten What we are and To whom we belong. My Credo is not about returning to mainstream, orthodox Christianity. It is, however, a plea to cease isolating ourselves from the historic Christian faith and a plea to cease alienating the 2.3 billion Christians who are looking for a better way. When we cease making these mistakes, we will join with our friends and family in mainstream churches and lead our faith into the era of Metaphysical Christianity. Let me know if you would like me to speak at your church in 2023.

Mark Hicks
November 20, 2022


Capital City Unity Youtube Channel. This talk on Youtube.

Download Preface and Introduction: What Are You Unity?.

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