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Will – 12th Day, Tuesday

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Read John 1:1-18.

The will is the executive power of the mind. The commandments of Jesus teach the Father's will. Those who keep them are therefore at one with the will of God.

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It is possible to get very close to the kingdom of heaven by doing good works and surrendering to Spirit the various faculties of the mind, but we can never fully enter into and abide in heaven, or divine harmony, without surrendering all that makes up the personality, of which the will is the center.

The will may be said to be the man, because it is the directive power that determines character formation. When man wills the will of God to be done, he forms spiritual character. The use of the regenerate will is for the sole purpose of spiritual unfoldment.

When the will of man adheres to wisdom faithfully, and carries out in its work the plans that are idealized in wisdom, it creates in man a consciousness of harmony and peace. Spirit breathes into such an individual continually the necessary inspiration and knowledge to give him superior understanding.

I bring the divine will to bear in my consciousness by understanding, by appropriating universal wisdom, by affirming, "Not my will, but thine, be done." God is potential, unformed will; man is manifest God will. I now link my will with the principle of divine force in order to develop superior executive capacity. After this manner I am swiftly bringing forth faculties that under the slow action of mortality would take ages to develop.

I affirm:

"The will of God is uppermost in my consciousness, and I am glorified in my understanding."