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Conservation – 3rd Sunday

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Read Isa. 55:1-13.

We should ever remember that our youth, which we love so well, never really dies; it merely falls asleep in the realm of the subconscious. People grow old because they let the youth idea fall asleep. By using spiritual understanding they can awaken it.

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The awakening of youthful energies is necessary to one in the regeneration. The body cannot be refined and made, like its Creator, eternal before all the thoughts necessary to its perpetuation are revived in it.

Jesus represents man in the regeneration; that is, man in the process of restoring his body to its pristine purity where it will live on perpetually without old age, disease, or death. A necessary step in this process of body restoration is the quickening of the vitalizing energies in the subconsciousness that feed the body and give it the life force that renews its youth. Eternal youth is one of the God-given ideas that man loves.

Waste of substance is the great sin that results in body disintegration. It is the sense mind that causes all waste, whether in the organism or in the more external realm called the world. Jesus came to save men from sin and to make them ready for an abundant entrance into the glorious kingdom of Christ, which is to be established on the earth.

We can get at the subject of conservation definitely by considering the life "hid with Christ in God," for the hidden protected life is the conserved life. I now make conscious union with the substance of all spiritual attributes as I affirm:

"Through Christ the divine economy is active in me, and I conserve the spiritual essences in all phases of my life."