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Evolution – 18th Day, Tuesday

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Read Rom. 8:18-39.

Ed Rabel

Charles Fillmore points out in the first sentence of this paragraph that Christ is "infolded" in us. Often there is the misconception that Christ is in "full bloom" in us. There is need for a great deal more spiritual evolution, as this paragraph points out. Sometimes Truth students make the mistake of thinking that what is true in potential is the same as whatever is being manifested at any given moment. This is not what Jesus taught and it is not what Unity teaches. Mr. Fillmore says in many different ways that manifest man is an unfinished product who has much work to do, much learning, much growing. And he can do all this very successfully because of the Christ or Word of God implanted (infolded) within him.

Ed Rabel - Metaphysics 1, Spiritual Evolution, Spiritual Evolution

- Ed Rabel

In every man the Christ, or the Word of God, is infolded; it is an idea that contains ideas.

Evolution is the result of the development of ideas in mind. What we are is the result of the evolution of our consciousness, and our consciousness is the result of the seed ideas sown in our mind. Therefore spiritual evolution is the unfolding of the Spirit of God into expression. It is the development achieved by man working under spiritual law. Humanity is the garden of God, of which the soil is the omnipresent thought substance.

The Christ, or Word (Son) of God evolution of man is plainly taught in the New Testament as the supreme attainment of every man. "For the earnest expectation of the creation waiteth for the revealing of the sons of God." Without some evidence in us of the Christ man we are little better than animals. When through faith in the reality of things spiritual we begin soul evolution there is great rejoicing; "we rejoice in hope of the glory of God."

Christianity teaches the complete law of evolution. "God said," and thus God created that which was to appear, God planned man and the universe, and through His word projected them into creation as ideal principles and immanent energies acting behind and within all visibility.

I affirm:

"I am one with the ever unfolding, ever increasing Spirit of divine understanding. My whole consciousness is ripening into perfection."