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Gethsemane – 38th Day, Thursday

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Read Mark 14:32-42.

Gethsemane is symbolic of the struggle that takes place within the consciousness when Truth is realized as the one reality. It is a condition that man works through when he recognizes that God is all and that he must be willing to sacrifice all for God.

There are always deeply rooted error thoughts stored away in the subconsciousness, and on their own account they come forward to crucify the new unknown power, the so-called imposter, the in-dwelling Christ. The Christ is presumably captured by these thoughts, which try to carry out their aims in the darkness of the subconscious mind. But error can kill out only error. The Christ itself may be held in obscurity for a while, but it cannot be done away with. That which died on the Cross when Jesus was crucified was the personality; the Christ resurrects itself from the very depths of the subconsciousness, and error is hanged on the gallows it prepared for the doing away of the newborn spiritual ego.

This breaking up and passing away of old error states of mind and making ready for the new is a process in soul evolution of all those who are faithfully following Jesus. In all systems of thought concentration and spiritual attainment, the will, the executive faculty, plays the leading part. Therefore I prepare my consciousness for the reception of these new ideas. I say with Jesus, "Not my will, but thine, be done." I realize that new inspiration is flowing steadily into my consciousness as I affirm:

"Old error thoughts are passed away. I am a new creature in Christ."