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Micah (Rabel)

This is a series of lectures given by Mr. Edward Rabel, member of the faculty of S.M.R.S.
Fall semester 1975 - 2nd. Yr. Class. Lecture given on November 11, 1975

Topic: 67
Mic. 6:8, p. 274 of transcript.


The next one is from Micah, chapter 6, verse 8. This is a very familiar one, it's also in Mrs. Turner's book. "The Lord hath shown thee, O man, what is good." Now, if anyone comes to you in your center and says - "what do you people mean by the good?" I want you to trot over to your bookcase, get your Bible, turn to Micah and you tell that person the Lord hath shown thee, O man, what is good, and what doth the Lord require of me but to do justly and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with my God. This is a classic example of how utterly simple and pure truth thinking can be. Actually, one can say that most other O.T. Truth statements build upon this basic simple one. I often refer to this statement as a precious jewel of simple metaphysics.

Transcribed by Margaret Garvin on February 6, 2015.