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Metaphysical meaning of will (rw)

Metaphysical meaning of will (rw)
will, the--The will is the executive faculty of the mind, the determining factor in man. What man wills or decrees comes to pass in his experience. "Thou shalt also decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee" (Job 22:28).

The will is the center in mind and body around which revolve all the activities that constitute consciousness. It is the avenue through which the I AM expresses its potentiality.

The will may be said to be the man, because it is the directive power that determines character formation. When man wills to do the will of God, he exercises his individual will in wisdom, love, and spiritual understanding; he builds spiritual character.

The use of the will is very important in making demonstrations. One must be very persistent since persistence is essential to demonstration. Truth builds the perfect body, and the will must resolutely lay hold and keep hold of the word of Truth until the word becomes flesh.

will and desire--Desire is a reaching out of the mind for satisfaction. Will is the controlling, directing faculty of mind. One may have the desire to be well and yet not have the will to be well.

will and I AM--The will is the executive faculty of the mind and carries out the edicts of the I AM. All thoughts that go in and out of man's consciousness pass the gate at which sits the will. If the will understands its office, the character and value of every thought are inquired into and a certain tribute is exacted for the benefit of the whole man.

will and wisdom--When the will of man adheres to wisdom faithfully and carries out in its work the plans that are idealized in wisdom, it creates in man a consciousness of harmony and peace. Spirit breathes into such an individual continually the inspiration and knowledge necessary to give him superior understanding.

will, divine--(see God, will of)

will, personal--The adversary in sense-conscious will. He usurps power and considers himself the rightful ruler. This erroneous belief relating to personal will is discerned and adjusted by spiritual thoughts attained through prayer.

This adversary troubles us because we strive to maintain personal freedom instead of submitting to divine guidance. Self-confidence is a virtue when founded on the Truth of Being, but when it arises from the personal consciousness it keeps man from his dominion.

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