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Metaphysical meaning of feast (rw)

Metaphysical meaning of feast (rw)
feast--Appropriation in a large measure; that is, laying hold of divine potentialities.

feast in Jerusalem--A receptive state of mind toward all spiritual good. It is the realization of the unfailing substance of Divine Mind. A great peace is there--"the peace of God, which passeth all understanding (Phil. 4:7)--and a welling up of an indescribable substance that fills the whole being with satisfaction.

feast, marriage--Conscious union between spirit or mind and body in the silent influx of substance; the union of man with Spirit. A thirsting for things of Spirit is necessary before one can come to the spiritual marriage feast. Great desire for the light and purity of Spirit is the power that prepares man for this greatest of feasts. (see Matt. 22:1-15)

feast, Sabbath--The inflow of spiritual substance that we realize when we enter the silence.

feeding the five thousand--In the universal Mind is a substance that Jesus called the "Father," which is also the seed of all visible substance. It is the only real substance because it is unchangeable, while visible substance is in constant transition.

An idea is purely spiritual and can be apprehended only by the mind. It is never visible to the eye but can be sensed by man through any of his spiritual functions. When the attention has been centered on the idea of substance long enough and strongly enough, a consciousness of substance is generated; and, by the powers of the various faculties of the mind in right relation, visible substance is formed. In this way, Jesus brought into visibility the loaves and fishes to feed the five thousand.

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