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Metaphysical meaning of gifts (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of gifts (mbd)

Meta. The gifts that the Wise Men of the East brought to Jesus represent qualities of mind given by divine wisdom. These Wise Men are bringing to us the consciousness of that which has been ideal. Gold represents the most precious substance. Gold is the standard of financial values between almost all civilized nations. Men are searching for gold the world over. It is not the most valuable of the metals, but it is the most universally accepted as representative of riches, of wealth. These wise thoughts from divine wisdom tell us that we have all riches; that the God-Mind in us has given us possession of the universal ether substance.

Gold is the concentration of an etheric essence. Gold grows from the invisible. It has its source in the universal thought substance. The gold that the Wise Men brought to the child Jesus was a consciousness of the omnipresent richness of infinite substance. To follow Jesus in prosperity we must charge our thoughts with wise and rich ideas.

Another of the presents brought by the Wise Men was frankincense. Frankincense is one of the richest of all perfumes. We are told that the sense of smell is allied very closely with the spiritual. Frankincense represents in man the transmutation of material things to spiritual essences. When the Christ mind begins its work in the body it has to meet many obstacles of material character, and a constant refining process is necessary. So wise metaphysicians select carefully the food that they eat, that it may be as spiritual as possible. They are careful about the air that they breathe, and especially watchful of the thought atmosphere with which they come in contact, for they know that they must raise every cell in their bodies to a higher consciousness.

Myrrh represents the power of love. God told Moses to take myrrh and a certain oil, and to anoint all the instruments used in worship in the tabernacle. The tabernacle represents the body, and through the wisdom of the mind we must anoint every part of the organism with myrrh, with the love of God. Daily we must give presents of love to the young Christ child. It lives upon love. Jesus, who represents the growth and full expression of the new man, the Christ child, laid down love as the highest of all the laws; He emphasized the fulfillment of the law of love as love of man for God and love of man for his neighbor.

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