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Metaphysical meaning of Zophah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Zophah (mbd)
Zophah, zo'–phah (Heb.)--extending; drawing out; spreading out; expanding; cruse; flask; vial or phial; oil container; dish; platter.

Son of Helem, of the Israelitish tribe of Asher (I Chron. 7: 35).

Meta. A cruse, or vial. in the meaning of this name, points to the body of man, which is a vessel to hold the water and the wine of life and the oil of Spirit. In Matthew 9 :17 (A. V.) we read of putting new wine into new bottles, which means that the body must be renewed and spiritualized that it may contain safely the fullness of spiritual vitality and life.

The significance of Zophah, son of Helem, is the great increase and extending of ideas of vitality, health, strength, and Truth (which Helem signifies; see HELEM) throughout the body consciousness (spreading out, expanding, extending, cruse, flask, vial, oil container). This is accomplished by prayer, by keeping one's attention fixed on Spirit, perfection.

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