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Metaphysical meaning of Zophai (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Zophai (mbd)
Zophai, zo'–phai (Heb.)--a flowing; an overflowing; honeycomb; honeycombed; floater; swimmer.

Son of Elkanah, of the Israelitish tribe of Levi (I Chron. 6 :26). In I Chronicles 6 :35, he is called Zuph.

Meta. A very orderly, true–to–principle, loving thought of the higher and more spiritual phase of individual consciousness in expression (a flowing, an overflowing, honeycomb; a man of Levi; the little cells in a piece of honeycomb are built in a most exact way, each one virtually perfect). Honeycomb, honeycombed, refer specifically to Truth, both to true words and to the ordinances of God, which are true and lovely. The significance of Zophai is very beautifully expressed in Proverbs 16 :24 and Psalms 19 :10.

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