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Metaphysical meaning of Helem (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Helem (mbd)
Helem, he'-lem (Heb.)--full-grown; puberty; rounded; ripe; robust; strong; manly; dreaming; healing; recovering.

An Asherite (I Chron. 7:35). Zechariah speaks of Helem as one for whom the crowns were to be made (Zech. 6: 14); this Helem is evidently the same man as the Heldai of Zechariah 6:10.

Meta. The same as the Heldai of Zechariah 6:10, the enduring essence of divine courage, strength, and overcoming power of the full-grown and the fully rounded-out man.

In the Helem of Zechariah 6, there is no worldly belief to hinder the expression of the divine qualities in true visioning (dreaming) and in healing. Therefore a "crown" of life is given to the Helem thought, since it has been faithful to the death of all that is of the carnal, worldly belief (see Zechariah 6:14 and Revelation 2:10, last part).

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