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Metaphysical meaning of Syrophoenician (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Syrophoenician (mbd)
Syrophoenician (A. V., Syrophenician), sy-ro-phoe-ni-cian (Gk.)--Syrian Phoenicia; heights of Phoenicia; high palms; rising up of the phoenix; high redness; high purple.

A native of Phoenicia at the time when it was a portion of the Roman province of Syria. There it was that the woman came to Jesus to get Him to "cast forth the demon out of her daughter" (Mark 7:26).

Meta. The Syrophoenician woman signifies the intuitive perception of Truth reflected into the intellect from within the soul. Her daughter symbolizes affection, which had an "unclean spirit." This "demon" was evidently love centered on the outer things of the "mind of the flesh"--mixed thoughts, family selfishness, fear, and the like. These are what we find in persons of Gentile consciousness, and in the regeneration they must be eliminated. Thus are victory and health realized through renewed vitality and power (high palms, high redness, high purple).

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