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Metaphysical meaning of talents (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of talents (mbd)
talents (Matt. 25:1 4-30).

Meta. Spiritual gifts--life, love, Truth, substance, intelligence, faith, power, judgment, will, in fact, every inherent attribute of man's being--have their roots in God. All the gifts of Spirit are to be used to man's fullest ability. The confident one uses that which is given him, and meets with the commendation of the divine law, or Lord, and is led into greater possibilities: "Enter thou into the joy of thy lord." The "joy of thy lord" is the consciousness of having done one's best.

The too cautious one buries his talent, because of fear that he will not meet the requirements of the law, which he discerns is very exact. In his caution he does nothing, and meets with condemnation in consequence. The world is full of persons who have a talent that they are afraid to use because it seems so insignificant. The fact is that the one includes all the others, and he who boldly launches out into the activity of spiritual gifts with a single perception of Truth soon finds that there is a steady increase, and in due season he enters into the joy of the Lord.

Industry, activity, boldness, should be the motto of those who lack confidence in their ability to do things spiritually. Cultivate your spiritual nature with the same industry that you do your art or music or business. Be bold and fearless in making the highest claims for yourself as a spiritual being.

Too cautious metaphysicians say, "Be careful of high statements, because you will have to prove your words and it may be hard on you." They are the slothful servants who are fearful and spiritually lazy and accuse the Lord of hardness. They say, "I knew thee that thou art a hard man, reaping where thou didst not sow, and gathering where thou didst not scatter." The reply of the Lord is according to the law of manifestation, from the formless in Being to the formed in man: "Thou oughtest therefore to have put my money to the bankers." Man sows, or makes God manifest. The crop is a perfected humanity, which is finally gathered back to the Father. Thus God reaps where He has not sown, but man gets the credit for activity, for work well done, and is made ruler "over many things."

If any function of your organism is slow and sluggish, some talent is buried in your subconsciousness. Find out what it is and bring it into expression. Do not allow yourself to come under bondage to the "I can't" man. He is the one who believes in limitations and wraps his talent in them. No increase is possible to him. Be positive in Spirit and you will succeed.

Appetite, lust, passion, and the various secret sins of mankind are buried talents. They are returning no increase, because they are held in the bondage of material thought. It is this thought that digs in the earth and covers up many a good quality. Uncover the buried talent and return it to the Lord, with the increase of right use. Affirm that God's will is being done in all your thoughts and acts, and the higher law will resurrect the buried talents.

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