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Metaphysical meaning of Tahtim-hodshi (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Tahtim-hodshi (mbd)
Tahtim-hodshi, täh'-tim - hod'-shi (Heb.) -- lowlands newly inhabited; nether lands newly inhabited; new depths; new. foundation; under the new moon.

A land now unknown, mentioned as being between Gilead and Dan-jaan, through which "Joab and the captains of the host" went when numbering Israel (II Samuel 24:6).

Meta. A phase of subconscious substance. (Nether lands infers substance that is beneath; and the fact that this land is now unknown indicates a phase of thought substance in man that he knows little or nothing about. Both suggest the subconsciousness, which lies under or back of the outer consciousness and is virtually unknown to the ordinary individual.) These nether lands' being newly inhabited shows that new and higher thoughts are being introduced into this phase of substance in the subconsciousness (Israelites lived in this land, and Joab, David's captain, went through it with his men while numbering Israel).

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