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Metaphysical meaning of Sibmah (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Sibmah (mbd)
Sibmah (in A. V., Numbers 32:38, Shibmah), sib-mah (Heb.)--coolness; sweet-smelling; fragrant; sweet; pleasant; spicy; balsam; balsam plant.

A city of Moab, on the east side of the Jordan, allotted to Reuben (Josh. 13:19). In Isaiah 16:8, 9 and in Jeremiah 48:32 the "vine of Sibmah" is mentioned, in telling of the destruction of Moab. This city is called Sebam in Numbers 32:3.

Meta. A thought group or center (a city) in the sense or material consciousness of man (Moab), that comes under the influence of that which the Israelitish tribe of Reuben signifies (beholding, seeing) In this thought center healing is perceived to the extent of changing the outer, apparently physical body of man into pure, immortal, spiritual substance by the abundant cleansing and redeeming qualities of the Christ life. (According to our interpretation of the queen of Sheba, the spices that she brought to Solomon represent the imperishable flesh that lies within the seemingly perishable forms of flesh; and spicy, balsam plant, are definitions of Sibmah.) Fragrant, pleasant, sweet-smelling, balsam, bespeak a perception of something exceedingly pleasing and good and healing. The same word that is translated "balsam" is also translated "balm" in places in the Bible, as in "balm in Gilead," and points to healing. The balsam shrub or tree was prized for healing purposes as well as for its fragrance. The "vine of Sibmah" suggests grapes and wine, and they signify abundant life.

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