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Metaphysical meaning of Sibraim (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Sibraim (mbd)
Sibraim, sib-ra'-`im (Heb. fr. Chald.) twofold hope; double hope; doubly thoughtful; twofold understanding.

A northern border of Palestine (Ezek. 47:15), "between the border of Damascus and the border of Hamath."

Meta. Damascus is a state of consciousness that is founded on a material concept of life in the body; Hamath signifies confidence in material conditions rather than trust in God. Sibraim, a northern border of Palestine, situated between Damascus and Hamath, in Syria (Sibraim means twofold hope, double hope, doubly thoughtful, twofold understanding), represents understanding of Truth and trust in God becoming awakened in the outer intellectual and physical phases of man's being. This understanding of Truth and its consequent trust in God, or "hope" of perfection of life and good, become doubly exalted and strengthened in one when accepted and championed by the outer man, in addition to the inner consciousness that has already been awakened to the Truth.

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