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Metaphysical meaning of Shemer (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Shemer (mbd)
Shemer (in A. V., I Chronicles 6:46; 7:34, Shamer), she'-mer (Heb.)--stiff; erect; rigid; hard; adamant; thorn; watch; guard; shepherding; preserving; heeding; worshipping; that which is left standing; lees; dregs.

a The man from whom Omri, king of Israel, bought the hill Samaria. On the hill Omri built the city of Samaria and named it after Shemer (I Kings 16:24). b Father of Bani, a Levite (I Chron. 6:46). c A man of Asher (I Chron. 7:34). He is called Shomer in the 32d verse.

Meta. Crystallization of thought. At their root the ideals contained in Shemer are good, are spiritual, but they have been worked over by the intellect until the finer love essence of Spirit has been forced out of them (stiff, erect, rigid, hard, thorn, watch, and so forth).

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