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Metaphysical meaning of Bani (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Bani (mbd)
Bani, ba'-nl (Heb.)--built; begotten; emanated; a son; posterity.

The name of several Israelitish men (II Sam. 23:36; I Chron. 6:46; 9:4; Ezra 2:10); called Binnui in Nehemiah 7: 15.

Meta. Constructive thoughts in consciousness (built; the name of Israelitish men). These thoughts are of God, of Truth (begotten, emanated, a son), and, because of the spiritual qualities of love, praise, discernment, wisdom, substance, bounty, and strength that enter into them, they build and preserve to the furthest generation (posterity). One of the men named Bani was a Judahite (Judah means praise). Another was a Levite (Levi pertains to love). Another was a Gadite (Gad means fortune, a troop, seer). Another is mentioned with his son and his father: The son, Amzi, means strong, and the father, Shemer, means guard, watch, shepherding.

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